PGPLOT interface

Included with giza are PGPLOT interfaces that aim to replicate the full public interface to PGPLOT. This means that giza can be compiled as a drop-in replacement for libpgplot and libcpgplot. So older programs written using PGPLOT can be linked against giza with the source code unchanged, giving a modern plotting library with antialiased lines, real fonts and PDF output. For the c library (libcpgplot) it also avoids the unnecessary linking against FORTRAN necessary with the original libcpgplot so increases portability of code written in c. The giza-PGPLOT API also aims to provide maximum backwards compatibility with PGPLOT (e.g., line styles, greek letter escape sequences, etc.) so that codes can be transitioned with ease.

The status of the standard Fortran (libpgplot) and C (libcpgplot) interfaces are given below. Contributions most welcome!

Current status (libpgplot):

Current status (libcpgplot):